Black Star Aikido Traditional Aikido Budo Self Defence


"Those who study Aikido, if
holding a Sword, must manoeuvre
according to the techniques
of Aiki swordwork, and if holding
a Staff according to the techniques
of Aiki Staff action. A sword or
staff is an extension of the body,
so unless you can handle it as if
it is alive, you have not studied
true Aikido"

The Founder Morihei Ueshiba

Weapons - Black Star Aikido

At Black Star Aikido we use the traditional weapons, universally associated with Aikido Practice namely:

  • Jo

    (wooden staff)
  • Bokken

    (wooden sword)
  • Tanto

    (wooden knife)


Black Star Aikido has designed its “Weapons Training Programme” into the following elements:

  • Suburi
  • Jo Kata
  • Happo Giri
  • Jo & Bokken Tai Sabaki
  • Jo Waza
  • Basic Eight Drills
  • Jo & Bokken Disarming

“Move like a beam of Light
Fly like Lightning
Strike like Thunder
Whirl in Circles around
A Stable Centre”

From the very outset of training the new student will practice with bokken (wooden sword) and Jo (wooden staff) to understand the relationship between the use of these weapons and empty hands, being fundamental in the study of Aikido.